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About Siberian Huskies

Wolf says, “But Mom, I love digging!”






















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So, you think you want a Siberian Husky? It’s absolute beauty and those eyes captured your heart in an instant! You bring your new pup home, and…


  Your yard has so many craters, it rivals the moon’s surface because they are professional diggers!


  When bored, your sofa may look like something out of a horror movie because bored Huskies can become destructive Huskies.


  You must love the Husky language. Seriously. Huskies are traditionally not barkers. They, do, however, love to talk (a/k/a “woo”) and sing and howl. Your neighbors may think you have a wolf in the house (but they are NOT wolves).


  All’s fair in the yard. Yes, your yard critters, birds, and even the neighborhood cat can become targets of their “play” as they typically have a high small prey drive. Note: It usually does not end well for the small prey.


  They are magical, and can be amazing “Houdini Dogs.” They can leap fences, climb walls, open doors and gates, so Husky-proof your house, deck, and yard!


  Don’t know what zoomies are? Your Siberian Husky will teach you! You run and jump and woo and spin in the speed of light!


  Speaking of running – one word – Iditarod. Running is in their genetics. So daily exercise is a must!


  Did I mention running? Born runners they are, so please keep them on leash. Once free, even if trained for recall, they will typically run until sunset, sometimes many miles away from home, and then when they finally stop, they realize they are lost. Prevention is key to keeping your Husky safe, so please, keep Huskies on leash!


  You find out your Siberian Husky is smarter than some people you know! They are quick learners, but once they learn something, they are ready to move on! So don’t dawdle or you’ll get their Husky stubborn stare!


  Do Huskies really shed a lot? Absolutely! They blow out their double coats typically twice a year (depending on where you live) and they shed so much fur, can you actually create another whole Husky from it! You will find Husky fur in and on everything! Consider Husky fur is a condiment and a fashion accessory!
















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Most folks recognize a traditionally coated Siberian Husky, but did you know there are “woolies?” My Gibson was a wooly-coated Siberian Husky, and here’s some important facts to know about caring for this beautiful fur coat:











click photo to enlarge



Do Huskies Really Howl?



















Siberian Huskies Sure Do Dig Dirt!


















Siberian Huskies are Comedians!

Go Gibbie!



















With movies and pop culture highlighting the breed, the number of people who think they desire a beautiful Siberian Husky has catapulted their popularity. However, the Siberian Husky’s specific traits that make them the awesome dogs they are, are also the very same traits that can get them into trouble. Unfortunately, too many times this results with people surrendering the dog to a shelter because they can’t or won’t handle the Husky traits. Our message is to please educate yourself on the breed and its traits BEFORE you get one to be certain this is the dog for you and your family so both you and your Husky can live a happy life together for the life of your dog.


Our advice? Please talk to a Siberian Husky rescue or reputable breeder to get more info on this beautiful, charming, intelligent breed!  To find a Husky rescue near you, please visit our Rescue section HERE!



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