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Canine Epilepsy Awareness


Who is Gibson of #LiveGibStrong?


Gibson was a beautiful wooly Siberian Husky and

 a beloved member of the FiveSibes family. Diagnosed with idiopathic Canine Epilepsy at age three in 2009, he is the beautiful face behind the FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign, created by author and "FiveSibesMom" Dorothy Wills-Raftery. The idea behind #LiveGibStrong is to help spread the word that dogs can - and DO - live full, happy lives with seizures and/or Canine Epilepsy. Also through this campaign, we help raise awareness, educate, and raise funds dog-eared for non-profit Canine Epilepsy organizations, such as the Canine Epilepsy Resources & The Wally Foundation-Canine Epilepsy, that offer immense support to families of Epi-dogs. With special care, medications, and alternative therapies, Gibson lived seven years seizure free and was an inspiration to Epi-dog families worldwide with is zest and love of life. Epilepsy did not define him. Life did. Gibson earned his angel wings December 16, 2016 three weeks shy of his 10th birthday, NOT from epilepsy, but from hemangiosarcoma that was discovered during surgery after he suddenly became ill. Even as he was carried in for surgery, he wore his big Gibbie smile and gave out those precious Gibbie kisses. He is missed greatly, but is by my side in spirit every single day, inspiring me to be Gib strong.


Gibson embraced life and the challenges he met along the way with a big happy Siberian Husky smile. He was a true Epi-Warrior. With Gibson's spirit by my side, we will continue our Canine Epilepsy  advocacy and education in the effort to help and support other Epi-dog families, and to let them know they are not alone in this journey. It is our continued wish that all Epi-dogs #LiveGibStrong & #LiveGibStrongForever.

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"The Sibe Vibe" Epilepsy Episodes

Canine Epilepsy and Seizures in Dogs: A Chat

With Gibson's Lead Vet, Dr. Arnold Rugg

Chatting with Dr. Karen Munana & LVT/Research Specialist Julie Nettifee from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Talking About the Important Link Between Zinc Deficiency and Seizures in Siberian Huskies

with Margit Maxwell

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March 2016



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October 2015



On the Road with The Empire State Snow Dogs Club’s Canine Epilepsy Expo with Jeanine Chang & Jodi Ekberg

September 2015



Chatting with Canine Epilepsy Advocate Kimberley Matchem & Epi-dog “Rolo” of  Confessions of a Rescue Mom blog

March 2015



Marta Banat of All Paws Animal Massage & Epi-Husky “Rocco”

August 2014


Jim Suthard and Epi-Dog "Malachi"

April 2014



Susan Sehi-Smith of Paws to People: Bridges to Cures

March 2014


Rick Selwood , founder of The Wally Foundation-Canine Epilepsy

November 2013


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November 2011


FiveSibes is now a proud partner with The Anita Kaufmann Foundation for the #Paws4Purple project! Click HERE to read all about it and how you can order your *FREE* Canine Epilepsy informational bookmarks and flyers!

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Dorothy Wills-Raftery of FiveSibes & #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign on Mushing Radio - February 2012


What Causes Seizures in Pets?

With Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive & integrative wellness veterinarian, by Mercola.


Canine Epilepsy Support Groups

Important Dates to Remember:


International Epilepsy Day

  Second Monday of



Purple Day ®

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  March 26


Purple Day® for Epilepsy Ambassador Since 2012

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Dogs From Around the World Go Purple for K-9 Epiilepsy Awareness

Purple Pumpkin Project

   October 31





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In Memory of Gibson

Our FiveSibes Gibson Les Paul of Mystic Mountain

January 6, 2006 ~ December 16, 2015

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